ARMENIA is a destination that is relatively unexplored but is popping up on the radars of travellers everywhere for its beauty and rich history, then Armenia is the right destination for you. The country is brimming with fascinating sites with immense historical significance, eye-catching natural landscapes, and great food. If you are a history buff, this country is actually home to a whopping 4 UNESCO World Heritage Sites. It is also home to the oldest Christian churches and monasteries, as it was the first country in the world to adopt Christianity as a state religion all the way back in 301 AD. This gem is growing rapidly as a major, affordable tourist destination in the world.

FOR INDIAN NATIONALS: You can apply for an Armenia visa via three routes. Here's how to go about it: Armenia e-visa for Indians is available via the website of the Armenian Ministry for Foreign Affairs. Indian nationals can visit the Armenian Embassy located in their country. In India, the Armenian Embassy is located in New Delhi. Indian nationals can also produce a valid visa or a valid residence card from certain countries at the Armenian border.

Types of Visas
Visa Requirements
Online Application Stage
Payroll and Benefits for Workers
Role of Optus
Jobs in Armenia
Processing Details

Types Of Armenian Visa

Visitor Visa

The visitor visa allows Indians to enter Armenia for the purpose of tourism, business, visiting relatives or friends, medical treatment, or short-term stays. You can choose either a single entry or multiple-entry visa. A 21-day single entry visa, which allows you to stay in the country for 21 days from the date of entry, is valid for 3 months. If you are thinking of a longer trip, you can opt for a 120-day visa, which has a validity of 6 months. A 60-day multiple-entry visa is valid for 6 months, while a 120-day multiple-entry visa comes with a validity for 1 year. Indians can apply for an Armenia visa online or through the Armenian embassy present in the country.

Transit Visa

This visa is applicable to an Indian citizen if he or she is transiting to another country through the Republic of Armenia. This essentially means that you are travelling from one country to another by passing through Armenia, either by land or air. If you happen to need a transit visa for Armenia, you will have to produce a flight ticket or an entry visa for the country you are heading to. You cannot stay in Armenian territory for more than 72 hours on a transit visa, except under pressing circumstances. You will be allowed to stay in the transit zone for 48 hours and will not be allowed into Armenia.

Visa Requirements

As an Indian traveller to Armenia, you may have to produce the following documents in order to apply for the country's visa. Here are the documents that may be required from your side:

Eligibility Check

The very first step when you apply for an Armenia visa online through the country's E-visa portal is an eligibility check. Will visit the website and fill in the following details to check if you are eligible for the visa: Travel Document (which is either a passport or a travel document), Travel Document Issuing Country and Email Address. You may also be required to show sufficient funds in your bank account to prove that you will be able to fund your stay in the country. You may also be asked to provide a genuine reason for your visit and your intention to return to your country once the purpose of your visit has been achieved.

Online Application Stage

Armenia visa for Indian citizens can be obtained through the country's E-visa system. Here's how you can apply for Armenia e-visa for Indians:

  • Visit the e-visa website and check your eligibility by providing details such as travel document, travel document issuing country and your email address.
  • An activation email will be sent to your email address, which is valid for 24 hours After activation, you will be asked for certain details on the site, which you will need to fill in Next.
  • You will have to give the purpose of your visit and its duration. You will then be asked to confirm all the data you have filled in. After this step, you will be taken to the payment section.
  • The Armenian Foreign Affairs Ministry will send an application ID to your registered email address once you have made the payment for the Armenia e-visa fees for Indian nationals via their e-visa portal. You can use this application ID to check the status of your visa.
  • The Armenia visa for Indian citizens has a processing time of up to 3 working days when applied through the E-Visa Issuance System portal. The working day count will begin the day after you have applied for your visa. Saturday, Sunday, and any Armenian holidays will not be considered working days. If there is a need for additional documents (which can be requested by the Armenian Foreign Affairs Ministry), your visa may take up some additional processing time. If you have submitted your documents directly to the embassy, the wait time is longer. The embassy takes 10 working days to process your visa. So, for a quicker processing time, apply for an Armenia visa online.

Payroll and Benefits for Workers

Role of Optus

  • Optus Migrate with multiple Partners, Employment agencies which help Armenian employers and foreign employees to find each other.
  • Our Peculiarity is that we deal with the employers directly, and therefore sorts out the possibilities of a third-party interference which can comes out to be a lot of troubles for the customers and as well as in case of the monetary expenses to be spend out by the consumers.
  • The employment Opportunities that we provided are screened out multiple times so that our customers can avail the best services and a trusted institution or company which offers a decent salary, other employment benefits including insurance, accommodations and so on. Along with all legal proceeding towards the work permit and visa.
  • On the other hand, we also ensure that the trusted partners and employers are being provided with suitable candidates who meets their requirements and criteria for their long-term official employment In Armenia.

Jobs in Armenia


In General Occupations anyone can apply who meets the basic requirements of the concerned Job. Age limit, salary, work permit duration and other requirements and benefits of each profession will be verified by our experts for your profile.



Requires average profiles and mandatory experience and other criteria to meet.


* The vacancy areas and lists are subjected to change seasonally and can Based on the batches and no. of vacancies in each. This is for the reference Only and each profile will undergoes expert evaluation to get shortlist.

Processing Details

  • Accommodation for fixed period.
  • Process period: after clear documentation.
  • From 30 days to 3 months depends on packages.
  • Visa guaranteed.
  • Air ticket and embassy charges are optional.
  • TRC assistance is provided.
  • Food - mess assistance provided.
  • Airport pick up and social card assistance.
  • Over time on contract basis.
  • Part time on choice basis.
  • Annual leave, insurance and other employee benefits.

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